Secure document storage that is secure is essential for every business. Data breaches are more than a nuisance; they could have devastating effects on operational efficiency as well as brand reputation financial outlook and legal liability. These costs include restarting operations, fixing the security flaws that caused the www.1dataroom.com/fortress-for-your-files-unveiling-the-fortified-secure-document-storage breach, and fines from regulatory bodies.

According to the Washington Post, highly classified documents and information are meant to never leave a SCIF. They are stored inside plywood and gypsum boards, which are covered in materials that stop electronic listening. Acoustic sealant is also used to block sound from entering and exiting. To prevent forced entry, combination locks and meshes are used. A guard must also be present to unlock the doors.

P3iD Technologies and Kodak Alaris have partnered to provide businesses network-connected scanning, storage and document management. The P3iD DoxaScan Intelligent Data Solution is compatible with Kodak Alaris’ cloud-based INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution and allows businesses to manage important data from a centralized platform.

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