When choosing a virtual data room, companies should take into account the number of users who will use the platform. Typically, providers will provide only a handful of administrative users as part of their pricing plans while more users need additional fees. Additionally, vendors can offer options that enhance security and place restrictions on user activity such as multi-factor authentication, or granular permissions. The more advanced features, as well as more secure options are more expensive than the basic VDRs.

Certain providers offer flat-rate rates depending on storage capacity. These are typically suited to large corporations that rely heavily on documents written in text and don’t work with heavy audio or video files. The disadvantage of this model is that it doesn’t permit additional file uploads or an unlimited storage space.

Other providers will charge based on the amount of megabytes uploaded to the platform. While this may be less expensive than flat-rate pricing models it can lead users to overspend on data storage. If you upload too many files the service will ask you to reduce the amount of information is stored.

M&A teams require a reliable, secure platform to share sensitive data with their business partners and clients. FirmRoom has a number of features that make it an excellent choice for M&A. It offers drag and drop uploading, smart indexing and in-platform viewing to ensure that deal confidential documents stay safe and organized. It also has an audit trail that lets you know who downloaded, viewed, and edited which documents. This feature is highly appreciated by private equity and investment bankers managers who need to review documents and understand the complete range of changes that have occurred in the document version.

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